Radio 270 coverage Map

Radio 270  Coverage

Listeners in the area within the BOLD contour
enjoyed a good signal during daylight hours.
After dark the signal extend to
at least the paler pecked line.
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Radio 270 badge
This information from the Radio 270 Rate Card, published 1 April 1966 but prepared many weeks before launch, by  Radio 270's Director of Engineering Peter Duncan. 

The Radio 270 coverage map shown above was based on VERY conservative estimated and ignores  the effect of the ship being sat out at sea, which gave the station much better launch of the signal into the ether as well as a 'shotgun effect' along the coast, enabling the signal to travel many miles in land.  The predictions also seem to ignore the local topography (hills, etc) and the ground conductivity which allow the signal to travel along fertile valleys, and lowlands like the Fens area north of Cambridge.

In practice, Radio 270 had listeners much further afield, certainly most of the UK,  thanks to the clear frequency that the station had chosen, as well as in most of Scandinavia, the Benelux countries and Germany. The furthest the station was heard was in the USA;  American radio  stations use frequencies ending in zero, so Radio 270's transmissions on 1115 kHz were a popular target for DXers being midway between two local stations.

Radio 270 also received many signal reports from listeners across Scandinavia where the signal was very strong - Svenn Martinssen in Stavanger, Norway, reported it as being the strongest of all the offshore stations on the Norwegian coast.  

Radio 270 had many listeners in the Netherlands, especially the Friesland area (north of Amsterdam) where the station was stronger even than Radio Veronica, which was anchored off Scheveningen.


Radio 270- ship Oceaan 7, anchored in Bridlington Bay.  The aerial mast was approx 160 feet high; it held up the aerial cable which was hund just aft of the mast,. The feeder was connected at the top of the mast, by a short horizontal boom. This boom was electrically bonded to the mast, which formed the return leg to the aerial down to ground (the deck). The aerial was effectively a folded unipole.

The station's single transmitter was an RCA B10J, which was run at 2.5 or 10 kilowatts output. All the station's programmes were produced and presented from a single studio alongside the transmitter, just for'ard of the bridge.

More technical details are available HERE on our Technical pages.
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Radio 270 Programmes.

The Radio 270 programmes were originally to run for 15 minutes and with the idea that they would be sponsored by the advertisers, similar to the way Radio Luxembourg had been run previously. But with local business doing the sponsoring these programmes were to be produced in the studios that Radio 270's Chief Engineer, Peter Duncan, had built in Newcastle. 

The plan was for most of these to be programmes of the magazine type, with a variety of topics discussed between the records.  There would be visits to local events and factories in the "Down Your Way" style and other visits of local interest to promote regional tourism etc.

A health advice program was scheduled and a Radio Doctor was planned. In addition, a Radio Vicar had been appointed, Reverend Hedley Pickard from Hunmanby, just outside Filey.

Quite a number of programmes had already been produced as well as some pilots, but these wouldn't be suitable for the new format. The new revised programme format would include more popular music and require a simpler method of delivery that could be easilly produced live on board the ship.

The new revised programme format would be more poplar music based and require a much simpler programme type that could be made and presented live from on board the Oceaan 7. 
Collated by Dennis Boreham

The 270 Show,
270's Super Hit 40 Countdown
Agent 270
Afternoon Show
Back with the Beat
Breakfast Show
Cold Cream and Currlers Show
Commuters Special
Dennis the Menace Show
Early Bird
Early Morning Sleepwalkers Show
Farewell Dance Party
Hiya Pals it's Hal's Show
In the Power House
Ladies Morning Show
Lunch Date
Mikey Mo Breakfast Show
M.H. Evening show
Midnight Hour
Midnight Up
Munchtime at Lunchtime Show
Musical Matinee
Music for the Housewives
Paul Burnett Twelve Hours Later
Peter Phantoman
Power House Party
Radio 270 Fun 40
Rock and Roll Party
Roger Scott Commuters Special
Siesta Time
Swap Shop
Teenbeat 66
That Wise Guy again
The 720 Show
The Be-Oh De-Oh Do Show
Wise Guys Lunchtime show
The World Tomorrow (Garner Ted)
The Sunday Times Hour of Jazz
Roger Gale          A Walk in the Black Forest.  Horst Jankowski
Pete Bowman      1.  Bird Rocker by The Ventures,
                             2. These Boots are Made for Walking
Rusty Allen          Deep in the Heart of Texas,  DUANE EDDY
Brendan Power    Rockin Goose  DUANE EDDY
Ross Randell       Skyliner  MITCH MURRAY (and many others!)
Guy                     Tomorrows World  &  Iechyd-Da Alan Price Ser
Philip Hayton      Countdown Dave Baby Cortez
Mikimo                 Rainbow Round My Shoulder,  TED HEATH 
Paul Burnett        Peridot   BOB MILLER
Hal Yorke            Man of Mystery   The Shadows.
Dennis Straney   On the Street where you Live Dave Macey O'
Paul Kramer        Kinda Kinky  The Ray McVay Band
Alex Dee              Along the Boulevard by Joe Loss Orchestra
Ed Moreno         So Whats New    Herb Alpert
Bob Snyder         Quite A Beat by Sandy Nelson       
Roger Keene      In the Midnight Hour Little Mack & Boss Sounds
Mike Barron        Climb The Apples     BOB WALLIS
Neddy Noel        Bye Bye Love, later an arrangement of his own