Radio ship MV Oceaan 7

The Radio 270



The founder of the Radio 270 project was also the owning company's first Chairman, DON ROBINSON.  He assembled the beginnings of the team in late 1965.

A successful entrepreneur in Yorkshire for many years, Don was later a board member of Yorkshire TV & Tyne Tees TV as well as Chief Executive of several leading national companies in the world of entertainment, including Flamingoland and The London Dungeon

Don was very involved in sport, as a semi-pro wrestler.  He was also a professional rugby player and later served as chairman of Hull City AFC. He is now retired and still lives in sunny Scarborough.
  Collated by Dennis Boreham

The 270 Show,
270's Super Hit 40 Countdown
Agent 270
Afternoon Show
Back with the Beat
Breakfast Show
Cold Cream and Currlers Show
Commuters Special
Dennis the Menace Show
Early Bird
Early Morning Sleepwalkers Show
Farewell Dance Party
Hiya Pals it's Hal's Show
In the Power House
Ladies Morning Show
Lunch Date
Mikey Mo Breakfast Show
M.H. Evening show
Midnight Hour
Midnight Up
Munchtime at Lunchtime Show
Musical Matinee
Music for the Housewives
Paul Burnett Twelve Hours Later
Peter Phantoman
Power House Party
Radio 270 Fun 40
Rock and Roll Party
Roger Scott Commuters Special
Siesta Time
Swap Shop
Teenbeat 66
That Wise Guy again
The 7200 Show
The Be-Oh De-Oh Do Show
Wise Guys Lunchtime show
The World Tomorrow (Garner Ted)
The Sunday Times Hour of Jazz
The Marine Superintendant who organised purchase and refitting of Radio 270's ship was well known Scarborough fisherman  BILL PASHBY.  Bill's family have a long pedigree in the Scarborough fishing industry and he was sent to find a suitable boat that could lie out at anchor for long periods. Originally it was intended to pre-record all the programmes at a studio in Newcastle, so little attention was given initially to accomodating disc jockeys on the ship.


Most Newsreaders also
hosted programmes

Stacey Brewer

Steve Taylor

John Aston

Robin Best

Julian Hewitt

Philip Hayton

Albert Hough / Hart

Jeff Jones

Roger Gale          A Walk in the Black Forest.  Horst Jankowski
Pete Bowman      Bird Rocker by The Ventures,
                             then These Boots are Made for Walking
Rusty Allen          Deep in the Heart of Texas,  DUANE EDDY
Brendan Power    Rockin Goose  DUANE EDDY
Ross Randell       Skyliner  MITCH MURRAY
Guy                     Tomorrows World  &  Iechyd-Da Alan Price Ser
Philip Hayton      Countdown Dave Baby Cortez
Mikimo                 Rainbow Round My Shoulder,  TED HEATH 
Paul Burnett        Peridot   BOB MILLER
Hal Yorke            Man of Mystery   The Shadows.
Dennis Straney   On the Street where you Live Dave Macey orch'
Paul Kramer        Kinda Kinky  The Ray McVay Band
Alex Dee              Along the Boulevard by Joe Loss Orchestra
Ed Moreno         So Whats New    Herb Alpert
Bob Snyder         Quite A Beat by Sandy Nelson       
Roger Keene      In the Midnight Hour Little Mack & Boss Sounds
Mike Barron        Climb The Apples     BOB WALLIS
Neddy Noel        Bye Bye Love, later an arrangement of his own

Another early recruit to the Radio 270 board was LEONARD DALE AIEE, MIEE, who became the chairman of the company which owned and operated Radio 270.

Len's family owned a thriving electrician's business at Filey which at that time specialised in connecting up the many remote farms across Yorkshire to the mains. To get the most remotest farms some power, Dale Electric had recently branched out into first the supply and then the building of  electric  generators, a business in which they have now become world leaders. Dales now provide service & maintainance for over 8,000 generators around the world.

One of the first meetings of prospective shareholders was held at the Pavilion Hotel in Scarborough. Don Robinson had invited along WILF PROUDFOOT as a guest and prospective advertiser. During the Q&A session a debate ensued as to whether it was thought there was any risk in the venture.  Wilf told the investors they might be better throwing their money off the cliff top, but this seemed to spur them on and by the time the station launched there were over 200 shareholders on the register of operating company, Ellambar Investments Ltd. Wilf became one of the largest investors and was asked to become Managing Director.

Ship's Captains;   Capt Jan Zoetebier, Capt Kroon,
                               Capt Olaf Hodgson.Capt Frank Graves.                                      Capt John Ashby, Capt Chas Broughton
Mates                     Tinus Kuyper, Tom Kroon, Frank Dalton
                                Ken Lester, Gordon Vasey, 

Engineers:             Stephen Muir-Field, Peter Duncan,
                                Russ Tollerfield, Chris Shepherdson,
                                Keith Robinson,
                                Pat Hargreaves,  Trevor Grantham.
Mariners:               Tom Zoetenbier, Pete Scott, Bob Sabin,
                               Bob Sabin. Eric Hall.  Dave Murphy,      
                               Charlie Broughton, Harry Dawson.
Chefs                     Norman the Dancer,  Geoffrey Westoby

Station Minister:   Rev Hedley Pickard of Bempton

Office Staff:           Stella Ellis, Jane Young, Maggie Lucas and Carole Miller.  Carole came over from Australia with her husband, Noel Miller (better known as DJ Neddy Noel). Carole also handled liaison between the office and the DJs on board the ship. In the early days some of the Radio 270 Set admin work was done by Judy Atkinson.
Sales                      M Innes,  Maurice Jeffrey, Vince Allen.
DJs up the mast

Radio 270


Roll of Honour

Roger Gale     PD
Ben Toney       PD
Len Martin
Dennis 'Menace' Straney   PD
Allen Ives
Bob Dewing
Hal Yorke                     PD
'Neddy' Noel Miller *    PD
Brendan Power
Mick the Mod
Jeff Bridger
Leon Tippler (aka Phil Oaker)
Andy Kirk
Roger Keene
Roger King
Alex Dee
Ed Moreno
Bob Snyder
Paul Burnet
Mike Hayes (MikeyMo) St Mgr
Marcus West (Mark Wesley)
David Sinclair (your good friend)
Paul Kramer
Vince 'Rusty' Allen  PD
Ross Randell
Mike Barron
Guy Hamilton
Julian Hewitt
Steve Taylor (Jack McLaughlin)
Roly Roland
Richard Andrews
Pete 'Boots' Bowman
(PD - Programme Directors)
Dennis The
Menace  on the air
Legal matters of Radio 270 were dealt with by TONY RYLANDS who practiced law for many years in North Yorkshire.  Also on the board of Directors were TIM JACKSON who later helped found ILR stations Radio Tees in North Yorkshire and Yorkshire Coast Radio in Scarborough, plus local businessman ROLAND HILL who was a poultry farmer. Peter Asquith was a director too, as was chartered accountant Hylton Armstrong and Mrs S. Stapleton.

Ownership of Radio 270

RADIO 270 was owned and operated by a Honduran company,  Progressiva Compania Commercial SA of Panama.   

The radio ship the "Oceaan VII" was owned by a separate company: Marmado Cia Naviera SA of the Honduras.  Noel Miller was the UK representative of the company.

Both the central American companies were represented in the UK by Ellambar Investments Ltd of Scarborough. At the station's launch in Summer 1966, Ellambar had  200 investors on the company's Share Register, 95% of them local to the North Yorkshire area.
Radio 270 DJ line up
Radio 270 DJs line up on deckl
Radio 270 DJ Brendan Power
Radio 270 arerial mast
Radio 270 Admin Jane Young
No, it wasn't Brendan Power, it was Ben Toney.  Ben joined Radio 270 in the very early days of the station from Radio London (Big L) where he had been Programme Director.  He didnt stay with 270 very long, but returned home to the USA. 

Some years later he was made an  Admiral in the Texas Navy.  It was rumoured that this was  because one of his DJ coilleagues on Big L (it was Pete Brady) had saved the life of a Texas pilot in the US Air Force who had to ditch his plane in the North Sea near the Radio London ship, the MV Galaxy. "This is absolutely untrue and was not the reason at all," confessed Ben

"Several months before I became involved with Radio London, I was a delegate to the Democratic Party of Texas," he explained  "At the convention, I was elected to the Permanent Organization Committee for the State Democratic Party. This is why Governor John Connelly made me an Admiral."

We salute you, Admiral Ben Toney, for all your work on the Radio 270 prohgramming.

Radio 270 DJ  BEN TONEY

Which Radio 270 DJ


s a real life Admiral?

Well known York actress Jane Young was also one of the 1966 voices on Radio 270
Carole and Maggie work their way through just one day's mail in the Radio 270 office
Brendan Power, suitably attired for another stretch on the North Sea in 1967
A July 1967 line up of Radio 270 men on the deck of the Oceaan 7:  Ross Randell, Mike Barron, Keith Robinson, Rusty Allen, Jeff Hewitt and your DJ PK, Paul Kramer.
Garner Ted Armstrong
Garner 'Ted' Armstrong, who was heard every day on Radio 270 at 6:30pm in the programme 'The World Tomorrow', from the Worldwide Church of God.