Radio 270 offices in Scarborough
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The Final Hour
AUGUST 14TH - 1967
Radio 270 closedown
Featuring Head of Programmes, 
Vince 'Rusty' Allen
Ross Randell, Phil Hayton
& the crew of the Oceaan7

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Radio 270 
Souvenir DVD
Neddy Noel's home movie
shot on board Oceaan 7
with the voices of  the 270 men

Oceaan VII and ANne 270 T-Shirt
Radio 270 broadcast from a ship moored off the Yorkshire coast from June 1966 until the August 1967.  With an audience of  four million,  270 was essential listening at the height of the Swinging Sixties.

Monday 14th August 1967

a black day in the minds of many.  Many still feel the pain of that Tuesday morning.  We tuned in vain to 270 metres, 
and there was nothing . . just a
vacant crackling of the ether.

Radio 270 HQ

Radio 270 on air now press advert

from the

The station broadcast from the good ship
Oceaan 7,
anchored just four miles off Scarborough, and later in Bridlington Bay. She was a small but very seaworthy Dutch trawler, fitted out in Guernsey, arriving off Scarborough in March 1966.

Launch disaster

The launch on 1st April did not go well; the top 100 feet of the 161 feet tall aerial mast snapped off during a storm. Read all about the abortive launch on the Radio 270 History Page.  The story is written by the 270 men who were there at Yorkshire's very own swinging station.

The station finally started test transmissions in June 1966, initially on just a quarter power. Later that month regular programmes began but only after a rival offshore station, Radio London (Big L) had tried squatting on 270's frequency (1115 KHz). Radio 270 rhad hired two of the Big L's key men; programmer Ben Toney and engineer Russ Tollerfield.

A full list of the Radio 270 team, including DJs, marine crew, news-readers, engineers and the backroom girls who manned the office, is on the Radio 270 Team page.

RADIO 270  Your swingingest host on the Yorkshire coast
The Radio 270 offices on the side of
Wilf Proudfoot's house in Scarborough.
Radio 270  DVD
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Radio 270 Engineer Stephen Muirfield

The inside story of Radio 270

One of Radio 270's original engineers, Stephen Muirfield, has written a lengthy report about the early days of the station, including the collapse of the Oceaan 7's mast on the radio station's launch day, 1st April 1966.

We have the whole story and you can read all about it, exclusively on the Radio 270 web site.
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Oceaan 7, radio ship of Radio 270
What Became of Radio 270?
After closing down on August 14th, 1967, the ship sailed to Bridlington and the DJs were landed at the harbour at 1am, where several hundred listeners and the stranded DJs (Mike Hayes, Paul Kramer, Robin Best and Mike Barron) were waiting to welcome ashore Rusty Allen, Ross Randell and Philip Hayton and the engineers.

Later that morning Captain Olaf Hodgson sailed the ship up to Whitby, where she was initially berthed outside the Angel pub, just south of the town's famous harbour bridge.  After the crew were paid off, the ship was taken across to the shipyard where over the next week some items were removed. 

The Oceaan 7 was offered for sale by local estate agent (and Radio 270 shareholder) Len Tuckley.  About six months later a deal was done with Radio Caroline to replace their South ship, the Mi Amigo, which had been towed into Amsterdam by creditors. 

Radio Caroline didn't pay the required money so the Oceaan 7 continued to languish in Whitby for another year before the transmitters and other plant were removed in September 1968. On the last Sunday in October 1968 the ship left Whitby having been sold to Smiths scrapyard where she was dismantled in late 1970.
Oceaan 7 Whitby Shipyard
The Oceaan 7 tied up outside The Angel pub in Whitby, after having paid off her crew.  In the front is Robert Ashton's trusty steed across the Harbour, with several Radio 270 stickers on the pillion box. Robert took this pic in August 1967.
Neddy Noel's 270 Souvenir DVD

features voices many of


Radio 270


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        IMPOSTERS !
Details of the entire Radio 270 crew of DJs and other staff can be found on the Radio 270 web site's TEAM page
NOTE  There are several individuals who claim they were a Radio 270 DJ, however the listing on our TEAM page has been checked against Wilf Proudfoot's own records and we are certain that the one we have is "all inclusive".  If they are not listed on the TEAM page, then you can be pretty certain that they NEVER worked on Radio 270!
Radio 270 T-Shirts
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MV Oceaan 7

Oceaan7 at Whitby ANgle
Andy Comfort and Noel Miller

Neddy Noel back on the BBC !

Neddy Noel, Radio 270's first star DJ returned to the UK to visit old friends and 270 colleagues. While in Hull he visited BBC Radio Humberside and appeared on Andy Comfort's afternoon show.

In a half hour interview he chatted about the early days of Radio 270, where he was programme director. Andy had found some of Noel's old audio clips which had a bit of Noel being refereshingly open about politics, and Noel explained how the decision to bring in the MoA was politically motivated.  You can hear the interview by clicking on Noel's Page - click HERE.
The Oceaan 7 at her penultimate resting place, alongside the Parkol marine shipyard in Whitby, where she was to remain for over 18 months, offered on the market for £12,500. The price included a large quantity of records!

The transmitter and the studio equipment was bought by the IBC (a Dutch based broadcaster) who used it on the same frequency as Capital Radio. Most of the parts were later used by the Belgian offshore station, Radio Atlantis.

Your swingingest host on the Yorkshire coast
Radio 270 logo blue
Mike Hayes in his gallery
Mike Hayes self portrait in Top Hat
Mike Hayes Logo
Mike normally charges three to four hundred euros for a painting but for visitors to the Radio 270 site, he will do it for a special price - just €200.  To avail yourself of this bargain rate, either a portrait of you or a family member, or your pet, or a favourite landscape, etc.

Send Mike an email with photo to

And remind him how much you loved his
Early Morning
Sleepwalkers shows!
Mike now lives in France and in the Netherlands where he is a successful painter and singer. You can see Mike's artwork on his own web site, or hear him singing Elvis songs, just click  the self-portrait below to go there.

Tribute project

There were big plans to bring 'Radio 270'' back on the air, for a special tribute station to mark 50th Anniversary of Radio 270's closedown in August 2017. This was abandoned due to lack of support.

Radio 270, coming soon cutting
Ballad of Radio 270
Many historical newspaper clippings on the

Radio 270 History


and the



Radio 270 DJs book FRACK
Frack! is an exciting new book by former Radio 270 DJ Mark Wesley.  It's highly ingenious plot exploits dangers at the cutting edge of drilling technology, currently the subject of  controversy on the Yorkshire moors. 

In Mark's story, a Russian oligarch attempts to sabotage the UK's shale gas reserves - and make Britain dependent on his own vast Siberian supply. Critics say: 'Brilliantly structured'…'crackles with energy', 'superb writing' and 'excellent plot twists'. …'an atmosphere heavy with danger'. 'Genuinely difficult to put down'.

You can read about Frack! and Mark's other book, Banck! on our page  about the  Radio 270 Team HERE,

Or go straight to the Amazon store.
Five Radio270 crew on ship
Radio 270 fan Paul Coleman found a couple of pictures of the Radio 270 ship and DJs taken duiring a trip out from Scarborough in August 1967, just a week before the station closed.   This one shows Paul Kramer, Julian Herwitt, Mike Hayes and Mike Barron on deck. Below is a close up of Paul Kramer stood by the aerial feeder insulator.

If you'd like to share YOUR pictures of Radio 270, the team or anything 270 related please contact us at
Radio 270 DJ Paul Kramer on deck of the Oceaan 7
Radio 270 badge
DJ Paul Kramer on deck
Radio 270 Sales Logo Black
Radio 270 set book r in purple
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