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Ned Miller Band  Moose
Ned Miller Band  Moose
Ned Miller Band  Moose

Great new environmental single for 2017

New album released in 2017 include
Uncle Aubrey's
Atomic Pills

A lot of the Ned Miller Band's single and album releases are available to download on iTunes; Click on any sleeve below to get full details,
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Great upbeat new eco-song
from the
Ned Miller Band
Big Trees
Help fight deforestation
it's a no-brainer!

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Big Trees, Noel Miller

Latest Noel hit

is a real Oldie

On 23rd June 2017, Noel released a brand new version of the well known Animals hit, "House of the 'Rising Sun". Noel takes up the story:

"50 years ago, an old guy in Miami told me the Animals had got it wrong. He told me about his father, a drunken gambler, who frequented various opium dens in Storeyville, New Orleans.  Eventually his dad died there. These houses, he said, used a RISING SUN sign; he had no reason to make it up."

"I discovered these lyrics, written nearly a hundred years ago. An adaptation was cut by CLARENCE ASHLEY in 1933. The woman on the scaffold was Ada Leboeuf, who had her husband murdered, she was hanged in1929."

We have recorded this using Old George's voice - an old sinner heading back to New Orleans and The Rising Sun. You can hear this great new track NOW on iTunes - just click the cover above to hear it or buy it.
Rising Sun Ned Miller Band
Noel is an Australian, born in 1943.  As DJ  “Neddy” Noel he spent five years working on various stations in his home country before coming to the UK.

“In 1965, while working at 2UE in Sydney, a producer friend of mine at the ABC suggested I try my luck in Britain with the BBC. So, with nothing but a few names, not many dollars, and my wife (at the time) Carole, I arrived in England in early 1966. I did several auditions for the BBC but nothing was likely for at least six months. Meanwhile Carole got a job with Pye Records and met up with Artist & Repertoire Manager, Cyril Stapleton."

"Cyril could not be involved in offshore radio because of his position with Pye Records but his wife had shares in Radio 270, along with his friend Wilf Proudfoot who was one of the main shareholders. Proudfoot, who was a local MP and also owned a couple of supermarkets in Scarborough, was unhappy with the way the radio station was taking shape. The format was similar to the BBC and he wanted more of a ‘pop’ format. Cyril mentioned my Australian radio experience to Wilf and a meeting was arranged. Wilf employed me as Program Director and within a week I found myself living in Scarborough putting together a format and a bunch of DJs."

The sound was as good as any pop radio around and the team was fantastic! Radio 270 was never anything but pop radio with a Top 40 format and some oldies. The dramas of putting together this venture would make a brilliant TV series, with the British Government trying to close us down, clandestine maintenance trips to shore, and tender vessels not much bigger than a dinghy. Life was never dull.

Radio 270 ship OCEAAN 7

"The Radio 270 boat was a Dutch trawler, renamed the Oceaan 7, and registered in the Honduras in my name (a non-British person)," explains Noel.  "Some DJs saw the ship and returned immediately to shore, never to be seen again! However I find it quite amazing how many DJs claim to have worked on 270."

"We had fish feasts beyond belief when trawlers pulled alongside and gave us baskets of seafood in exchange for playing their requests. We went through a lot of cooks. Some couldn't handle the weather and some just couldn't cook! One of them, Little Norman, had been involved in a collision at sea, and consequently used to pace the deck during foggy weather ringing a bell. (We were not far from the shipping lane.)"

Radio 270 Captain abandons command

"Once during a violent storm the then Captain, whose experience was limited to a barge on the Hudson River in Canada, came below, put his head in his hands at the mess table, and stayed there. It was our technician Henry and the crew who saved the boat, even though, after the storm had passed, nobody knew where we were."


"Then there was the DJ Revolt, led by Dennis ‘The Menace’, who had assumed culpability for putting us off the air for a day when he tricked me with the vacuum cleaner. The matter was resolved after I met with him (he was a fellow Aussie). We agreed to a week on, week off the ship (originally it was 2 weeks on 1 off) with the same pay."
"The studio set-up was very basic with two turntables and two tape decks, the turntable was set on a gimbal to keep it level. It certainly made us aware of the boat's movement when it was almost at right angles to the rest of the studio."

Radio 270 studios

"With only one studio all recording had to be done after closing so the hours were long. The news came from the BBC, recorded then rewritten for our shorter bulletins. All announcers had two on-air shifts plus news duty as well as extra responsiblities like cleaning, filing, music catalogue etc. so there wasn't much spare time. Recreation included fishing, darts, cards, watching TV. Most memorable TV.... England's World Cup victory."
"Would I do it again?   When can I start?”

After his time at sea Noel went back to Australia via the USA. He settled in Tasmania and worked at 7EX Launceston before returning to Melbourne and joining the family meat business whilst also working on 3XY.

In 1980 Noel joined 2 - Triple M in Sydney pioneering FM radio in Australia. Twelve months later he moved to Fox FM in Melbourne where he hosted a breakfast programme until 1986 when he was again drawn back into the food industry. While conducting his catering business he also worked at various radio stations including 3AK and 3DB (later 3TT-FM). He had one last stint as a full-time broadcaster on 2SM Sydney but quit radio in 1990, preferring a more stable existence as a caterer and chef.

“You know old DJs never die .... they buy radio stations, become actors, or find some other outlet for their egos. In my case, I have started writing and recording songs under the name The Ned Miller Band.”

In late 2016,  Noel added a new song of particular interest to fans of offshore radio - The Ballad Of Radio 270. It is available on iTunes, or you can get a opy along with some of the home movies he shot on the ship in the Radio 270 Store.  

The l


Hot One from

Neddy Noel

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Big Trees, Noel Miller
Don't miss Noel's other releases, including the legendary BALLAD OF RADIO 270. Also available on iTunes. 

Noel's Radio 270 Souvenir DVD is now for sale in the Radio 270 Store. It features recordings of most of the Radio 270 DJs and candid video of their life on board the Oceaan 7 in 1966. 
Hot New release
Neddy Noel, Radio 270's first star DJ, returned to the UK in August 2017 and while in Hull he visited BBC Radio Humberside and appeared on Andy Comfort's afternoon show.

In a half hour interview he chatted about the early days of Radio 270, where he was programme director. Andy had found some of Noel's old audio clips which had a bit of Noel being refereshingly open about politics, and Noel explained how the decision to bring in the MoA was politically motivated.  You can hear the interview by clicking on THIS LINK.
Andy Comfort and Noel Miller

Neddy Noel on the BBC !

Life and Times of

Neddy Noel 

Carole Miller Mailbaskets
Noel's first wife Carole, gets ready to attack another batch of mail from Radio 270 listeners.
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