Offshore radio continued in the 1980s when Radio 270 fan Paul Rusling launched LASER, the first of 11 radio stations on board the ship MV Communicator. Read all about these exciting times, 21 years of drama and real life adventure on the high seas.
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Radio Adventures of

the MV Communicator

the continuing story of

radio from the North Sea

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Snowflake Girl CD Cover
Mikey Mo in 270 studio
Mike Hayes' recording of his own Christmas song is available to download again this year, just in time for Christmas.  It's called "I Fell in Love with a Snowgirl (but she melted in my arms)" .  It's an uptemo,  bright and bouncy pop number that Mike recorded a couple of years ago.

Fellow DJs note - it is danceable, we have had people dancing to it!

The Final Hour
AUGUST 14TH - 1967
Radio 270 closedown
Featuring Head of Programmes, 
Vince 'Rusty' Allen,

This is the final 60 minutes of the life of Radio 270.  The programme includes many of  the voices of Radio 270 DJ's, including Ross Randell, Paul Burnett and Guy Hamilton.

Rusty also chats to the members of the crew of the Oceaan 7, and plays recordings of other DJ's who were unable to get out to the radio ship for the last night on the air due to the weather.  Hear again messages from Leonard Dale, the Chairman and Wilf Proudfoot, the MD of Radio 270. 

Over an hour of nostalgia make up this historical recording, right up to Radio 270 leaving the air with National Anthem at one minute to midnight.  (This is a good quality off air recording, not the rubbish heard on YouTube!.)

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Ballad Radio 270 CD

The Ballad of

Radio 270

by Neddy Noel

by Neddy Noel
in Australia in October 2016, this is a
great song lamenting the passing of our favourite radio station, but celebrating the good times;
featuring many of your favourite Radio 270 DJs.
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Real Radio 270 nostalgia!
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Bye Bye Blues


The tune used to close Radio 270 every night at 1am in 1966.
Bert Kaempfert's Bye Bye Blues, spent seven weeks in the American charts but got no higher than # 54. In the UK, the Polydor release made Number 24 and spent ten weeks on the chart. Amazingly it was his only UK chart hit - the man who took the Beatles under his wing in their Hamburg days and gave them their first taste of the recording studios!

Bye Bye Blues was also used on another radio ship, Radio Scotland (242m) as the theme tune for the 'Apron Strings' programme. Bert Kaempfert didn't write this tune himself, but he DID write "Strangers in the Night."


For some time Radio 270 used Telstar, the Tornadoes' 1962 world wide chart topper, as first record to open the station up at 6am.  To hear or buy a download of this excellent atmospheric track, just click the cover Number

Mikimo's Christmas song is re-released

(OK, escapes!)

Thatman logo
  • Canadian & SESAC  promo' songs

  • Stan Freeburg sketches for radio

  • Legendary PAMS Radio A-GoGo shorts
  • Unforgettable "Thatman" melodies

Radio 270
Station IDs & Jingles CD
Limited Edition biutton
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All your favourite jingles as heard on Radio 270 in '66 and '67. Right from the very early days until the station's closedown, Radio 270 used a variety of Station ID s and 'stingers' to punctuate the music and dialogue.

Some of these sounds have rarely been heard for almost 50 years. Now you can have a set of the Radio 270 sounds and play them any time you wish.

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CD player. 

Radio 270 jingle CD
Radio 270 jingle CD
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The Beach Boys PARTY! album
There has been much debate about the first record heard on Radio 270. The first music played when the station eventually began official test transmissions on June 4th was Strangers in the Night by Frank Sinatra.  When Roger Gale officially opened the station the following week (11 June 66), the first track he played was Wild Thing by The Troggs.

However, Radio 270's first transmissions were several months earlier, just immediately prior to the mast collapsing on April 1st.  Neither of those records that were mentioned above were even on board at that time, indeed there was very little music in the ship's library at all!  The actual record played, over and over again, was the latest LP by The Beach Boys, called simply Party!

It has some great tracks and really does sound like it was recorded at a party. The three and a half minute version of Barbara Ann is probably the best known, as it became a Top 10 hit in 1966, but all the tracks are well worth a spin.  You can hear it, or order a copy, here (or just click on the cover).

What was the first


played on Radio 270?

Oceaan 7 off the Yorkshire coast
Oceaan 7 at anchor off the Yorkshire coast
on the air
Radio 270
Radio 270 With Compliments slip



of Radio 270

The CD also contains the station's DJs and crew describing operation of the Oceaan 7 and messages from other members of staff. Tear-jerking moments of a special nostalgic time in your youth.  A priceless souvenir you can now relive whenever you wish. 
Rusty Allen and Ross Randell
at the Radio 270 control panel
There are not so many hours of Radio 270 's acual output available; we avid collectors have at most aout 200 hours of programmes. Perhaps we Northerners were not sufficiently affluent to own tape recorders?

We plan to make as may of the recordings of Radio 270- programmes as possible available and have already started with the items you find on this page.

These are good quality recordings - if they are of actual programmes, please remeber that they were made "over the air", mostly in Bridlington, where reception was prefect. Sometimes the tape used wasn't always the best quality and while these have been digitised to protect them forever, they still have the artefacts of AM transmission, with the occasional crackle of distant lightning, etc, manifesting itself.

More Recordings available soon
featuring many of your favourite
Radio 270 disc jockeys.

Telstare sleeve, the Tornadoes

Radio 270

~ station theme tunes
Radio 270 DJs each had theior own 'theme tune' which they began and ended each programme with. Some used the same one for many years on several radio stations, others (stand up Ross Randell - oh, you ARE standing up!) would change them half way through the programme sometimes! Here are a few of the best known:

Roger Gale          A Walk in the Black Forest.  Horst Jankowski
Pete Bowman     Bird Rocker by The Ventures,
                             then These Boots are Made for Walking
Rusty Allen          Deep in the Heart of Texas,  DUANE EDDY
Brendan Power   Rockin Goose  DUANE EDDY
Ross Randell       Skyliner MITCH MURRAY
Guy                     Tomorrows World Iechyd-Da Alan Price Set
Philip Hayton      Countdown Dave Baby Cortez
Mikimo                 Rainbow Round my Shoulder TED HEATH 
Paul Burnett        Peridot   BOB MILLER
Hal Yorke            Man of Mystery   The Shadows.
Dennis Straney   On the Street where you Live Dave Macey orch'
Paul Kramer        Kinda Kinky  The Ray McVay Band
Alex Dee              Along the Boulevard by Joe Loss Orchestra
Ed Moreno         So Whats New   Herb Alpert
Bob Snyder        Quite A Beat by Sandy Nelson       
Roger Keene      In the Midnight Hour Little Mack & Boss Sounds
Mike Barron        Climb The Apples     BOB WALLIS
Neddy Noel        Bye Bye Love, later an arrangement of his own

Now you can download the track and listen to it whenever you wish on your own Smartphone, laptop, tablet or desk top PC. Just click the cover above to visit the Amazon page with the link. It will cost you just 99p and you can then play it again as many times as you wish.

All funds raised go to
a cancer charity

Mike recorded several little "ditties" in his time on the Radio 270 ship, including his very own programme theme tune:  "Mike Hayes is Back in Town" which alternated with the slightly more conventional theme tune "There's a Rainbow Round my Shoulder".

More details of Mike's other products HERE.
Bye Bye Blues disc  Radio 270
Recording tapes
Tape recorder Radio 270
Rusty allen and Ross Randell
Andy Krik in Radio 270 studio
DJ Andy Kirk was born in Leeds in 1947 and joined Radio 270 in time for the aborted launch of 1st April 1966. In 1966 Andy was just 19 and had been playing with a folk group. 

Andy usually presented the 9pm-midnight show, alternating with Alex Dee, but we have found a recording with them both on board together. 

This is one of his last programmes on Radio 270, made on the 14th November 1966. Andy and several others left the station at the next crew change that Friday morning and wasn't heard on Radio 270 again. (Andy and two other Radio 270 DJs complained to a local  newspaper journalist about sea conditions; the story was blown into a tale that the ship was dangerous, although all three DJs claim they only said it was uncomfortable in winter gales.

The recording also has Neddy Noel flogging the Radio 270 Duo Sander, Dennis the Menace and many others, including a drop-in by Manfred Mann; a great bit of nostalgia for Radio 270 fans. 

(Poor quality copies of this  recording has been seen 'for sale' recently elsewhere marked as August 1966 but the records played mean that was impossible. Our tape is from Mr Proudfoot's own collection and clearly states 14 November 1966) which agrees with new releases played and certain commercials.



recording of


Andy K



on Radio 270'

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